Rocheport Katy Trail Bridge Construction Begins

Liftoff of Main Span Katy Trail Bridge at Rocheport
Liftoff of Katy Trail Bridge Span at Rocheport Tunnel

UPDATE:  As of May 25th, the new bridge is complete!  Cyclists can once again enjoy trips in both directions from Rocheport!

A seventy ton steel span of the Katy Trail State Park Bridge at Rocheport, Missouri was lifted off on Saturday, March 5, 2011.  This was done in preparation for a complete rebuilding of the railroad bridge over Moniteau Creek at the Katy Trail Tunnel.  The tunnel was built by men and mules in the 1890’s and was the only railroad tunnel built on the Katy Railroad in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.  Builders say the new bridge will be open for visitor traffic in  May, 2011.